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Accessibility Services
Aetna strives to continuously improve our digital experiences to meet or exceed universal design best practices and web accessibility standards. We have adopted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A/AA as our corporate standard. If you are having trouble accessing information on our website, we can assist you. Please call the number in our letters to you. Relay services for deaf and hearing impaired individuals are available by dialing 711. If you need a PDF document in an accessible format, you can request it directly by emailing us at Be sure to include your claim number and name. You'll also need to tell us what document you'd like our help with.
XXXPreparing for Hurricane Florence
We are committed to providing ease of service to our customers during this hurricane season.  First and foremost, we encourage you to protect yourself and your family, stay safe, and listen to authorities.  As we prepare for the impact of Hurricane Florence, our most important concern is your safety.  If your job status or mailing address changes due to the storm, please let us know when you're safely able to do so by calling 866-326-1380. Also, if you receive disability payments and have not signed up for direct deposit, please log into our secure portal and select "My Profile" to set up direct deposit, or contact us at 866-326-1380.